The Scream: 2F, 1M 30 minutes

A dark LGBT comedy about a love triangle involving a successful artist, caustic lesbian bank clerk and a free-spirited gallery owner.


Drinking Zombies 2F, 2M 45 minutes

A college and its environs are the backdrop for this smart, funny examination of sexual expression and sexual repression. For the rights to production go to...


Norman!: 1F, 2M 40 minutes

Norman is on an obsessive quest for the truth about a lost dog. His funny and poignant journey ends with a revelation that changes his life.


The Play About the Menu at Simon’s Coffee Shop: 2F, 2M 25 minutes

A play about human appetites and the things that can happen when they are not satiated. Clearly Simon needs to change more than just his menu.

Read it here...


The Sisters Flora: 2F, 1M 15 minutes

Iris and Orchid compete for pollination at Happy Hour. Yikes!


How to Catch and Cook a Bluefish: 2F, 2M 15 Minutes

JR takes a comedic journey from bait to plate with Captain Billy and Chef Fred...


Etiquette!: 3F, 3M  10 minutes

A comedy of manners where six adult siblings attempt to tolerate, negotiate, and ultimately appreciate each others behavior at a dinner party.


Full lengths


Japanese Death Poem: 1F, 3M 90 minutes (no intermission)

A storm rages outside and inside. While Jenny is ever more lost in herself, two rival brothers try to get her back desperately. Each in his own way, each seeking his own Jenny.


Cowbirds: 2F, 2M 75 minutes (no intermission)

A young ornithologist’s life comes into sharp focus only when he puts his binoculars down and takes a close look at his family. What the critics think:


Carl a.k.a. Karl: 5M, 2F 90 minutes (no intermission)

A heartless businessman, who runs the family empire, is in conflict with his agoraphobic, magician brother over their parents’ estate. Personalities and values collide in this theatrical, comedic rendering.

St. Thea, Croatia, 2013

St. Thea: A One-Act Play in Two Acts: 2F, 2M 75 minutes (one intermission)

"A seventeen year-old boy learns the bizarre truth of his ancestry through the disparate memories of his wacky family members. Alternatively hilarious and heartbreaking, this exciting new play has razor-sharp dialogue that explores the themes of memory, family and truth in ways that are remarkably fresh." - Kitchen Dog Theater. Read it here...

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